The girl behind the desk

She sat there all intense,
About to throw the desk and get over with it.
And then she sighed and smiled,
She knew I was watching her then.
I wanted to click her,
But I just captured the moment with my eyes.

She gets nice dimples,
Her hair curled, falling nicely, though not been attended for a while.
And she looks beautiful when she smiles,
Her enthusiasm is beyond compare, like a little girl bubbling with energy.

I see a girl still figuring her life, her dreams.
Juggling work with study, her hopes held high and life in her stead.
Barcelona has been kind to her,
But home she still longs for.

Her honest interpretation startled me,
Not used to being judged so quickly,
But her eyes were open for a conversation,
And as they met mine I knew she was listening,
And that I found a friend.

That is what this trip was all about,
Making new connections,
Sometimes for a few minutes or hours.
Connections that you would treasure,
And the time that you would recollect with a grin.

Isn’t that life?
For life is like popcorn,
At every turn, someone might just pop up,
Someone that you might like!

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